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Kinetikos Lifestyle Transformation 

Happens Here.

Helping individuals with their health and fitness lifestyle choices through, studio, and virtual  solutions, that they can live with.

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Anytime, Anywhere



Wellness Systems?

Fad dieting doesn't work. No pain no gain approaches don't last.

You need a NEW plan.

  • OLD:   Calories in calories out.

      NEW:  Quality calories in, balanced health.

  • OLD:  Crash dieting

      NEW:  A balanced lifestyle

  • OLD:  Trading real food for drinks and bars

      NEW: Real food, and consistent exercise = true health

  • OLD: .Counterproductive workouts 

      NEW:  Exercise for quality of life "new normal".

Planet Made of Plastic

Trusted by customers around the world 

 Delivering wellness programs to people around the world. 


KL: Wellness Systems have partnered with some of the most comprehensive tech platforms to deliver programs and wellness challenges.

  • Extensive library of programs/challenges (weight loss, stress management, nutrition, exercise, holiday, mindfulness, etc).

  • The latest mobile tech and health devices.  

  • Advanced AI Accountability Coaching. 

  • Program analytics and management tools.

Everything you need to identify, plan, track, be held accountable, and achieve ideal results.

  • Tools to identify your exact metrics lead to a much clearer path to success.

  • A suite of technological assets (bioelectrical Impedance analysis, heart rate monitoring, comprehensive tech platform, etc.)

  • Proven fit metric tools 

  • Support and training from our team experts

KL: Wellness Systems

Fitness Challenges.

NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED (But we have it if you need it)

We've taken our experience, know-how, and technology and built a turn-key system to empower our members to achieve their wellness goals fast

Are you next?

We've helped clients all over the country achieve their health and fitness goals.

Don't put this off.   

Now is the time.

  • Stop stressing out trying to find the right plan.  Start shedding the pounds,  adding muscle, and feeling great.  

  • Stop worrying about if or what you should be doing.  Start seeing consistent healthy results every, week.

  • Stop starving yourself.  Start making the healthy choice that's right for you.


Book your consult call TODAY and start building the best you possible NOW!



Kinetikos Lifestyle™ is a health and fitness brand that provides a broad range of products and services which focus on healthy lifestyle solutions that adapt to our client's and corporate partners' needs as they encounter new challenges and goals in their life. Our 3-option (Lifestylestyle, Weight Loss and Performance) 3 Phase (Assessment, Diet/Nutrition) and Fitness) approach, yet modular in its design, is a complete health and fitness system, that focuses on highly customized plans. OES3 Program: This is our virtual solution for the highly successful in-studio plan listed above the KL3 coupled with our dual patented, inclusive exercise device called the Octofit, the most versatile functional training product on the market, designed for easy transport and easy storage. Kinetikos X Factor: Nutritional Supplements: (A full line of Herbs, vitamins, and athletic performance supplements) App: (Designed to allow our customers, partners, and their staff to easily access from anywhere, at any time of the day. These products and services are used on a regular basis, therefore it is our duty to ensure that our customers remain satisfied. Furthermore, we have a variety of other products and services that have been designed to give our partners options from just about anywhere.


About Reggie.

Founded by Reggie Senegal, Kinetikos Lifestyle came to exist after decades of working in the fitness industry, as a trainer, entrepreneur, inventor, and athlete. Throughout his career, Reggie fills the gaps where the current fitness world falls short. From creating Snap Laces, 1 Vest, and the OctoFit, Reggie strives to develop products and experiences that make fitness accessible, and convenient, with a focus on making communities healthier. Kinetikos Lifestyle is more than just a studio gym, we see ourselves as partners in health, to help all who enter our doors transform their lives and bodies so that they may enjoy a full healthy life.


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